Thermal monitoring cameras & digital hand sanitisers - how one business is innovating to help others

After Boris Johnson revealed on Monday that lockdown restrictions would be relaxed further, department and retail stores have been put on alert.

They are now set to reopen on June 15th, following two months of empty aisles. It won’t, however, be like the boxing day sales or Black Friday. There can’t be queues of people rushing in at the same time. This will be a different kind of shopping experience.

How do you control the crowds? How do businesses keep their staff safe? How do offices begin to bring employees back to work? Inurface Media believe they have the solution.

They’ve created a range of digital tech solutions that will support the safe return of people to work and eventually retail spaces. These include a thermal monitoring camera, which can read people's temperatures from five metres away, a digital hand sanitiser and a camera that’s able to count people in and out of stores, alerting managers when their shop is close to capacity.

Inurface founder Josh Bunce believes it’s vital his company can play a role and find solutions to helping companies get back on their feet.

You’ve got two options," he said. "You can stand still or you can try and innovate and move the boundaries forward.

“A lot of these technologies we’re manufacturing are all very unknown. We’re investing a considerable amount of time, resources and money into this. But what’s been really positive for us is that we’ve had a really positive amount of inquiries from existing clients so it’s given us a real tool to go out and speak to customers, and show that we’re a pro-active and innovative company.

“We’ve tried to use what we know and not stretch the boundaries too much, but use our products, our knowledge and our skill set to move into this new era.”

We’ve already seen queuing systems in place at supermarkets and other food-related businesses, but Josh isn’t looking to copy them, nor is he trying to reinvent the wheel. In his own words, the technology has been created with simplicity in mind.

“What we’re trying to do here is a clear simple thing; count people in and out of retail stores and take temperatures," he explained. "The core product is simple and can be used in a range of different environments. We’re in this new world so nobody has all the answers, and we’re working at a much faster speed, developing things and moving products to market than you’d normally do.

"I think it’s actually acceptable at the moment, to be able to say to a client ‘this is what it can do. We’re 100per cent here at the moment. This thing that you want to do, we’re not quite sure about that right now.’

“The world is moving on a day to day basis and nobody has all the answers so I think you just have to be open and quite clear on that.”

Josh is also quite clear on the fact he wants to help all organisations, no matter how big or small they may be.

“Of course we want the large retailers of the UK and of the globe to sign up to this, but we also want to be able to support the smaller retailers as well. So we want to be able to have the tablet solution in the window, for example, to be quite a cost effective solution. So it means that smaller retailers can afford it too and not just large corporations.”

If you’d like to hear more about the technology available or would like to enquire about partnering opportunities with Inurface Media, just head to their website

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