Stuck for ideas to keep your little ones busy? This online kids club will keep them entertained...

As the fourth week of lockdown approaches, all parents would be well within their right to want schools to reopen as soon as possible.

Nothing against the kids, but let’s face it, the novelty’s probably worn off, you’ve run out of things to keep them entertained and you might just lose it if they interrupt one more Zoom call. Don’t fear, we’ve got the solution. Well, Dazzle and Fizz have.

Pre Covid-19, they were a luxury event planning company, creating live memorable experiences for children, whatever the occasion. Naturally right now, that can’t happen. Well, not in person anyway. But they can be found online.

Dazzle and Fizz’s entertaining spirit can’t be dampened that easily. Via Youtube and Facebook live, Charlotte Melia and her team are creating huge amounts of free content to keep your little ones mentally and physically stimulated.

“We’re offering six free classes per week via Youtube and Facebook live," she said. "That’s classes in fun and games, craft and fitness for children. Then we offer a toddler and baby class three times a week, which is a combination of song, games, imagination and play.”

“It’s ‘Magic Mondays’ which are more fun, magic and games, ‘Workshop Wednesdays’ which are the craft element and then ‘Fitness Fridays’ which can be anything from dance to aerobics to yoga. They’re all live, the over four's classes are live at 11am daily and the baby and toddler classes are live at 10am, but they’re then stored on our Youtube channel so you can come back and enjoy them whenever you like.”

In a time when children spend a considerable amount of times online, Dazzle and Fizz want to make sure their screen time has educational benefits.

She said: “The sections are about active screen time, so 90 per cent of them encourage the children to move along with the actions, so we’re not just sat on our bottoms and then any elements that are more cerebral, such as the craft, that has a real educational undertone.

"We wanted to produce content that did come from a place of education, did come from a place of encouraging children to move and have a kinaesthetic attitude to life and we just really wanted to offer some quality content.”

It’s not just the children who are being entertained. Led by resident expert Nanny Rose, the business has also begun a free weekly adult book club, taking place on Tuesday at 3pm.

“Initially, it was aimed at over 65s or people who were having to stay isolated for the full 12 weeks because we wanted to offer them something if they were feeling alone or feeling like they were not getting much interaction.

"But as soon as we put it out there, we had lots of messages, from adults of all ages saying, ‘can I join in’, and we thought actually, that’s a really, really, good idea. So we opened it to all adults and I think it’s just for a little piece of sanity to be honest and a bit of connection.

"It’s just bringing them out of their very, very isolated world and helping them to remember there are other people out there that are in the same boat as them."

If you would like to take advantage of the vast range of free high quality content, just head to Dazzle and Fizz’s website ( or search ‘Dazzle and Fizz’ on Facebook and on Youtube.

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