Stuck for date night ideas? Become a mixologist with these fun and easy cocktail kits at home

Soral catered cocktails at private dining events until Covid-19 struck (pictured with Joe Wicks)

Puzzles, board games and virtual quiz nights. It's fair to say that by now we've all probably tried at least one of these 'night-in' ideas.

Perhaps you've also been busy in the kitchen, trying new recipes and creating your very own signature cocktails? What if you didn't have to rummage around the cupboard for that last drop of gin, and you could use ingredients fancier than a slice of cucumber to garnish your drink?

Well, now you can, thanks to Soral Chavda, the founder of London-based cocktail company Soralina's. She's offering you the chance to "turn your night out into a night in" with her candy and cocktail kits, inspired by science and nature.

"I've decided to create cocktail kits, so you can make some fancy, delicious cocktails yourself at home," Soral said. "There's dehydrated fruit and edible herbs and flowers for you to use as garnish to decorate your drink, and I also provide syrups and infused alcohol so you can really feel like a mixologist.

"I want people to have their own mixology experience at home. We can't go out to bars and restaurants right now, but why should you stop enjoying some nice drinks? Whether it's date night, jumping on a Zoom call with friends or celebrating a birthday or anniversary at home, you can get creative with these kits whatever the occasion."

The cocktail kit includes your choice of infused alcohol from a selection of gin, vodka or rum. Also included is the tonic or mixer with dehydrated fruits, home-grown edible flowers or herbs and a flavoured syrup.

Inspired by her love of science, Soral was creating theatrical cocktail experiences for private dining events at client's homes, which include Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, and former England captain John Terry.

But, Covid-19 struck and she had to think quickly to adapt her business.

"I've got a science degree and I was going to pursue a future in science, but I realised it wasn't the route I wanted to take in life," Soral said. "So I set up Soralina's, and I basically offer an immersive cocktail experience with a scientific twist at the client's house or at their venue.

"It's quite intimate and I combine science with my love of nature as well and growing my own herbs and flowers. I offer really nice flavour combinations and it's all based around my love of science and nature really.

"I would come up with a menu to suit my client's party or theme. I involve a lot of molecular mixology to offer a unique and theatrical evening.

"I use dry ice to create a smokey effect when serving the drinks, I create nitrous foams and one of my favourites, cocktails in a sphere otherwise known as spherifications!"

You'll be pleased to hear Soral also offers something for those with a sweet tooth.

"I've also got a candy section of my business, and I bake as well," she added. "Baking is a huge passion of mine. So, I wanted to offer macarons and homemade marshmallows, for example. Things that I love to eat myself! So, I thought it would be really great to offer these sweet boxes too."

If you want to find out more about Soralina's cocktail kits (for over 18's only), please email or visit her Instagram page here.

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