Not all superheroes wear capes, but they do wear colourful scrubs

You may have seen that we recently spoke with Melissa Dawkins, the brains behind Made In Ashford, a craftship enterprise doing great things in Kent and all around the UK.

One of the other groups she’s a part of is the Kent Scrubbers. So, it made sense to talk to one of the brains behind that too.

Sarah Mabb, along with Carole Dalton and Megan McKay, helped bring the Kent Scrubbers to life; a group of volunteer sewers who are making huge amounts of PPE clothing for NHS staff in the county.

“We were in a much larger group that was nationwide and Kent wasn't seeing any attention," she said. "We wanted to work for our doctors that have treated us, and the hospitals that we've had our children in, our community not somebody else's community, so we set the group up.

But the Kent Scrubbers soon evolved. Such was the overwhelming response, the group had to be separated into a number of sub-groups all around the county. Sarah’s involvement with the initiative went from being a volunteer sewer, to a key logistical cog in the Ashford, Folkestone and Dover sub-group. 

She said: “I initially was going to be a sewer, but I don't actually have time to sew because I'm too busy managing everybody else's sewing, but the volunteers are wonderful people and they make scrubs much better than I do!

“I do all the fabric packs, I beg all of the local companies for donations to give to my ladies, full of treats and boozy treats. We all just gel into our roles very well.”

As well as producing huge amounts of face masks, scrubs and wash bags for the NHS, the initiative has also raised over £8000 (at the time of writing), when they had only set out to raise £200.

More details about the fundraiser can found in our interview with Melissa Dawkins earlier in the week as she started the GoFundMe account, but Sarah says she’s been overwhelmed by people wanting to contribute.  

“People are so generous and really at this time, not many people have money to spare so the generosity they're displaying, it's mind blowing really, the whole thing. I underestimated people," she said.  

“I am so proud of my sewing family, we have got such a nice community, it's really upbeat, there's such a sense of well-being amongst everybody because they're doing so much and they know it's needed to be done. It's really heart-warming and everybody is working really, really hard.” 

If you would like to find out more details the Ashford, Folkestone and Dover Scrubbers, you can do so by visiting their Facebook page;

If you would like to make a donation to the fundraiser, that can be made at

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