'It just seemed like the right thing to do' - Meet the entrepreneurs keeping NHS workers hydrated

Starting a business isn’t easy.

There’s so much to think about, so much to sort and perhaps a bit of your own money to invest as well. Despite the nerves, the worry and the concern, you take the plunge and you go for it.

Those nerves are now outweighed by excitement as you see your idea come to life, step by step.

But then a global pandemic hits and all the plans you’ve been making stop. Your progress grinds to a halt.

It would be very easy to panic. To let the doubt you initially had take over. That’s the scenario Drinks Cubed faced.

They are a new business on the market and were aiming to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand by the end of 2022. A target that might now have to be rescheduled.

“We launched six months ago, we had obviously invested a certain amount of money into this and we had go to a point where things were really moving in the right direction," co-founder Sukhi Sindhu explains. "Covid hit and we were just at the point of 'okay, well what do we do?'"

Their next steps were made clear, thanks to their family members around them.

Sukhi added: “Both myself and Rav (fellow co-founder) have lots of family in the NHS and key workers and we were getting so much feedback about PPE being so hot to work under, and if that's happening for the people within our family, then this is happening everywhere.

“We realised that we've got a warehouse full of water, so we said ‘let's get that to NHS workers, as quickly as possible’. Within three weeks, we'd had 20,000 bottles delivered to hospitals and I think by the end of this week, it'll be 30,000.”

The demand has been relentless. From being in the early stages of distributing their product, Drinks Cubed had been given the challenge to get their cartons of water everywhere. The plan for the business had suddenly accelerated. Not that anyone at the company was complaining, they were just glad to be of service.

“It's come from a place of we want to do the right thing. So it's a business born from conscience rather than commercials. We didn't really think to be honest! It wasn't a business decision in any way! It was just like that seems like the right thing to do and that's what drives both of us.

“We feel that business can be different. Business doesn't have to be so one dimensional. We feel that it's important for us to work as part of the society rather than 'we'll do it as a discount'. It's not about the bottom line sometimes, it's about the whole.”

Their decision to hydrate many members of staff on the frontline has not gone unnoticed. Sukhi and Rav have been sent numerous messages of thanks from their recipients.

“It was a good feeling for us, but it was also great and slightly surreal to see doctors and nurses sending us emails saying 'thank you for the water'. And we were like 'we gave you a bottle of water, you've probably saved about ten people's lives today. So it's nothing!'

"These are people we admire. They are going out and putting themselves and their family in danger, and all we've really done is made some phone calls and moved some stock around. So it's slightly surreal! It was a lovely feeling but a slightly surreal feeling. What we're doing is so small compared to what they're doing for us.”

If you would like to stay up to date with Drinks Cubed’s initiatives or believe you can help in any way, then please contact them via their social media (@drinkscubed) or via the email info@drinkscubed.com

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