'I was waiting for our cabaret show to get trashed, but it was 100 times better than I thought'

As society in England slowly starts to creak back to work, with many cogs in many organisations set to begin turning in the coming weeks, there is a feeling of a new normality starting to emerge.

But there’s one set of workers that won’t be going back to work for some time and that’s those that work in the entertainment industry.

It’s an area that requires crowds of varying sizes and plenty of people working in close proximity. So how do they survive?

Tristan Mills, the owner of male strip show company Adonis Cabaret, has had to ask himself that question. Like so many others, the answer involved going online.

“I've got a choice," he said. "I can close the company and hope that things might go back to normal when they open next year, but what state is the company going to be in if I don't keep on trying to evolve?

“We’ve had to adapt to change quite dramatically. Personally, I can't see nightclubs opening any time feasibly this year. So we've had to take it online and we've been thinking outside the box and trying to see what's available and what's doable.”

What Tristan and his team created was an online portfolio, led by their show ‘Adonis: Live & Online.’ It sees seven different acts, along with a drag queen host, come together to put on a live performance. It’s fully interactive too, with viewers able to message, send pictures in and even tip the performers!

“We started our first show about four weeks ago now and I was so surprised at the feedback we got. I thought this would never work online. I was waiting for us to get absolutely trashed but it was 100 times better than I thought it would be. We also had some feedback that they wanted some more risk than we normally have to conform to. So we've gone a little bit more risky as we've gone on! 

“The opportunities that are available from that first show are endless. We can appeal to international markets, we've got international performers. We've got performers from Australia, we've got performers from Berlin, America, South Africa and you wouldn't normally get all these guys in the same nightclub on the same night.

"So that product is taking all the people I want to work with all around the world and sticking them on a show together, have a cracking laugh and the audience loves it.”

But what about the actual product? Is it just as good online? Tristan insists it is.

“This is even better because I can hear and see what the audience are typing in. When I'm on stage, I can have 500 people in front of me and I can't see a thing because the lights are in my eyes.

“It's all about getting the tech behind you to work for you, to make sure the people who have paid to see it, to feel like it's really immersive and a real authentically individual performance. It's live, and that means the audience is getting a totally unique product to them.”

And that unique product, comes cheap. It costs just five pounds to see the ‘Adonis: Live and Online’ weekly show.

“Book a ticket, get involved, it's a fiver what have you go to lose? We're having a cracking laugh, come and join us and support the project, because the guys need to be working.

“I need to keep these guys fit! If I let them off for six months, imagine when they come back? it's going to be the ‘blobbendales!”

If you would like to find out more about the range of different shows and performances Adonis is showcasing, just head to www.adonisunzipped.co.uk to find out more.

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