'I hope my light-hearted poems can lift people's spirits and raise money for those in need'

This period of self-isolation will give many of us the chance to start a new hobby or perhaps perfect one we’ve had for a while.

What if that hobby could actually help those in need during this pandemic? That’s the question Denise Redford has been asking herself and she’s decided to take a leap of faith.

By day Denise cares for her elderly parents, while also working in special needs education, but in her spare time she writes poetry. Now she isn’t the only one who’s going to be reading it, after having a book of her poems published.

“I just felt helpless and I just wanted to do something for the situation, but I really didn’t know how I could help," she said. "I’m no good at cooking, I’m not fit so I couldn’t do something in that sort of way and the only thing really that I think I’m quite good at is putting things together in a story or in rhyme.

“The book is a collection of poems that are really there to lift your spirits in this strange time that we are living in at the moment and it’s called ‘Sunshine In Your Pocket’. That’s exactly what I hope it brings, a smile to your face.”

Denise’s uplifting and motivational poems cover a wide range of subjects, but she admits inspiration for this project came from an old family member.

She said: “There’s quite a variation of poems. There’s a few older favourites and twenty new ones, and the introduction of Nancy who appears from time to time in the book. She was inspired by my grandma, and she pops up with words of wisdom, which she imparted with me when she was here and I just thought it was a nice thing to do.

"Worry Not" Worry does no good at all It will not change a thing All it does is wear you out From the outside in

"Some are comical, some do have a serious touch but they all leave you with thinking about the situation and will hopefully leave you feeling a bit better.”

How does releasing a book of poems help those in need at this time? Well, every single penny of the sales will go to Equity Benevolent Fund; a union that represents a vast range of roles within the creative sector.

“With people in my family, and friends I’ve got in the entertainment industry, it just seemed right that they were the people to help. I could see what they were going through and how they were struggling at the moment, with theatres being shut and places of entertainment closing down.

"It must be quite a scary situation to be in and I thought if I could relieve that in any way, although it may not be a vast amount of money, but whatever it raises, it’ll be fantastic to think that I’ve helped in some way.”

The book ‘Sunshine In Your Pocket’ is available to purchase on Amazon now.

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