How to keep the kids busy when you're stuck at home

This week’s top five comes from Charlotte Melia, the CEO of children's luxury event planner Dazzle and Fizz.

Many of us have had to cope quickly with the demands of home schooling, as well as keeping your little ones entertained during lockdown.

Here are Charlotte's top five tips on how to keep children engaged (and adults sane) during this self-isolation period:

1. Get Creative

Craft activities are a great way to keep children entertained. I'd encourage you to get creative and explore nature to find some unusual materials to work with. 

2. Get Cooking

Use this opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with your children and educate them on the importance of food and good nutrition.

3. Get Reading

Reading is a great vehicle to be connected with your children while also allowing you to go to a great place of imagination and perhaps escaping the reality of what's happening right now. 

4.  Get Active

Keeping fit is really, really key at this current time. I found a really great online yoga class called 'Cosmic Kids' on Youtube and they combined yoga with a children's familiar story. If you're feeling flexible, give that one a whirl!

5. Get Thinking

Think outside of what's going on right now by making a family vision board. Ask everybody to contribute what they would like to achieve, from this year ahead. It just helps to give everyone perspective that there is going to be a return to a more sociable life after this and if anyone is feeling down, they can look at the vision board and feel uplifted that this is only temporary. 

You can find our full interview with Charlotte Melia here: Stuck for ideas to keep your little ones busy? This online kids club will keep them entertained...

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