How to cope with self-isolation or social distancing when pregnant

This week’s top five comes from Melissa Howard, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker in her professional life, but behind closed doors, she’s preparing to bring her first child into the world.

Here are her tips on how pregnant women can get through this tough self-isolation period.

1. Know what you can control and what you can’t

It’s so easy to focus on fear or scaremongering on what’s going around us, but focusing on what you can control is really, really key because that’s where your own empowerment starts.

2. Only follow the trusted guidance

Only follow and read guidance that is given out by the government, World Health Organisation or your hospital/maternity unit. Don’t take advice or guidance from any unverified social media platforms, no matter how much you trust the individual saying it.

3) Set virtual boundaries

If you follow or are ‘friends’ with somebody who is constantly sharing negative, cut it out of your life. It doesn’t have to be rude or abrasive, you simply do not need that negativity and worry in your life during this particular time.

4. Stay clear of unnecessary distractions

Only watch the news once a day and stay clear of pregnancy forums, where scaremongering is rife. Take yourself away from groups who are likely to be producing negative or worrying content. Don’t be distracted in the virtual world, do be distracted in the physical world. Be grateful for what you have around you.

5. Look after yourself

If you’re able to, doing some sort of exercises will be really beneficial. Even if that’s a breathing class, or some light pregnancy yoga, these things will really help with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You can find our full interview with Melissa Howard here: 'As a pregnant woman there's no rulebook of how to feel or what to do right now'

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